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Hello! I’m Ankita Thakur, an Indian visual designer working at the intersection of brand, marketing and product.


My journey in the design field started during my B. Arch education in 2009-14. Since then, I've worked as a freelancer, got a Masters degree in Visual communication from the National Institute of Design, and have been working since, full-time and on projects basis, with some wonderful companies and NGOs.  VIEW RESUME


My expertise lies in building and developing visual design systems for brands. As an independent designer, I've directed several new businesses with strategy and visual language and helped them glide through the brand awareness stage. My love for lettering and illustration translates through my Giphy work, and has got me some great clients like Tasty Bite (Mars).

My degree project with Eklavya exposed me to the education and publication industry, and has allowed me to art direct and illustrate a few kid-lit books and covers too!

I'm currently crafting experiences for our parents at SplashLearn, an Ed-tech platform for kids. 


My work can be recognised by a light-hearted, uplifting approach with a latent desire to fuse analogue mediums wherever possible. (Guess I didn't need to tell you that one!)


Other than working with consumer brands, I’m interested in opportunities where I can use design as a catalyst for a cause: Education, equality and environment. 🌸

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